Monday, February 01, 2010

Lost - The final season

H & I have been exchanging our theories about Lost & are waiting for the final season.

We both agree that the guys are stuck in a time-loop (In the last episode of the last season, the man-who-is-Locke says to Jacob “They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, it always ends the same”…Jacob replies…"It only happens once, anything before that is just progress”). Apart from that, we don't really have any theory that works. It better be something good!


Jas B said...

I tried watching that show, but I just couldn't!!!! I don't get it! :D

Heathcliffs Girl said...

i have given up on lost!

Radha said...

Jas, Heathcliffs Girl,
It took some persistence, I know :)

clickable said...

OMG...I didn't know you were into Lost. I have been spinning so many theories. Here are my thoughts:

1. Jacob and MIB are playing a game of life, time and fate, and are looking for someone to continue it.

2. I view Jacob as Fate, and MIB as bad time (bad karma)

3. Most importantly, I think Jack will be Jacob's successor and Sawyer will be the bad guy's.

Radha said...

But there's also some time-travel involved, no? How did Jacob know all these guys way before they came to the island? And what's the deal with Jacob & that other guy who doesn't age? Must be stuck in some time warp!!
And I still need some explanation on why there were polar bears on the island in season 1 !!!

clickable said...

Umm...I think Jacob and MIB are both abstract concepts of time and fate (there I go again). There's definitely a time loop, but I think Jacob got them to the island through the "touch", not that they just happened to crash-land. And I think they're going to have a hard time tying all the loose ends about polar bears. BTW, did you notice how the time travel changes their clothes as well?

Radha said...

Hmm, if Jacob & MIB are abstract concepts, what does that make the island - some sort of "heaven/ hell/ purgatory" concept? I would be disappointed with that explanation because its quite vague. When the scientist came to the island (Daniel?) I was excited because I thought there's going to be some sort of "scientific" explanation to it all. It could be over-the-top, but as long as it has some shred of science to it, I'll be happy. On the other hand, if its going to be all abstraction/ super-natural I'll be pretty disappointed.

Hasn't Season 6 started already in the US? How's it so far?