Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mission Birthday Party!

1. Invitations
2. Food & drinks
3. Return gifts
4. Helium Balloons
5. Party hats


Merlin said...

Awwww.... so cute :)

Fighter Jet said...

happy birth day to Kabir :)

Sneha said...

Awesome! Happy 1st Birthday to Kabeer! :-)

Jas B said...

How it is coming along...or has the party already happened!
He a year old! :)
God Bless him!

Anil P said...

It's no longer a mission in tribute to someone so cute.

Moi said...

he's a year old!!!! wow!!!! happy birthday to your li'l toddler...they grow that fast???? I may be tempted to have one of my own, now :DDDD

Moi said...

how did it all go??? we never got to hear about the party !!!!