Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby no more

K is officially a toddler now. His crib has been converted to a bed; his cloth-shoes have been replaced by Crocs; he's off his Avent bottles and on to straw & sippy-cups; his gibberish is slowly turning into real words. The pace and enormousness of these changes are exciting and also slightly depressing. I'm proud of my muchkin's little milestones; but can't let go of the babyhood which I already so miss.


Fighter Jet said...


Satyajit said...

very, drugs and rock n roll to follow

clickable said...

Aww, he will always be a baby to you though. Can you believe he's now going to show some huge fusses, tantrums and attitude (if he hasn't already?)

Radha said...

@ FJ - :)

@Satya - That's still a long time away. There will be pimples, facial hair and croaky voice before that!

@Clickable - Fortunately, he's still pretty gentle with his demands!

Jas B said...

Awww, he growing! :) God bless.

I always tell my 5 year old nephew that I loved him no ends when he was a baby because I could hold him in my arms forever or hold him close to my heart to my hearts content, and that now he just runs away.

But now he can play soccer with me and beat me at all the games on the Wii!

I think he is the one whom I am going to miss the most when I move out of Ontario... :(

diyadear said...

hey how r u??
nice to know u got a baby too.. congrats.. i know im very very late ;)

mookuthi said...

Awesome the very idea of baby sleeping on his own in a crib seems like toddler still will not give up his bottle...worked hard and now when he is 2 we are at my sisters who has an infant and my lil S is back on's pure stubbornness...the very idea to retrain once we get back is killing me