Sunday, July 11, 2010

The kind of stuff that make Sundays special

Butter-chicken and roti for lunch.
A walk with K; him on his 'elephant car'.
A late night movie with friends.
Pictures of friends on Facebook & a 'like' button under them.
Unexpectedly finding black trousers that fit well, at the mall.
Threading of some bushy eyebrows.
A sleeping baby. In his own crib.

The universe is finally paying me back for all the heartache & headache it has caused me over the past 2 weeks (involved a taxi-strike & non-stop rain in Mumbai, a nasty viral infection & K, a nanny on leave, a tough work week in Singapore, a botched up flight booking, and more).


Sneha said...

"Threading of some busy eyebrows"... DEFINITELY makes Sunday special :)

Hope all's well, Radha!

clickable said...

Like followed by strong dislike. Looking forward to the break now?

Radha said...

@Sneha - yes, it does :)

@Clickable - you missed my call again :(
The trip planning is turning out to be quite a nightmare. The botched flight booking I wrote about is our August flight!!!

Jas B said...

You in Singapore or B'bay?? Or shuttling between the two?

Radha said...

@Jas - was in Mumbai last 2 weeks of June on work. Now back in Singapore.