Monday, August 30, 2010

Catching up with old friends

These were all real conversations from Frankfurt...It was so much fun catching up with you guys!!

H: Do you think German shepherds are called 'Shephards' here?
R: Do you think Frankfurters are called 'ers' here?
Li'l I: (looking at the handout of the church service at the wedding) Amma, I want to order fish curry!
U: (on the apple-wine tram) Why would they serve Apple-wine here; can't they offer Riesling instead?
Li'l R: mamleyameamalalapumalama...
Li'l K: Eeeya!


clickable said...

Such pearls of wisdom eh? So so good to catch up and spend time together.

mookuthi said...

I can relate to you so much radha... i had similar dialouges when i met my friends after 19 years :) Fun times