Sunday, September 05, 2010

The text message

I am the introvert's friend;
The one who's wary of conversations,
But fears loneliness more perhaps.
Who wants to be in touch,
From a distance only however;

I can make it easy for him;
I can make that happen,
The illusion of being with people,
Without the messiness of strings.
Who am I?


iamyuva said...

not me..;)
hey radhu,..for some reason(dont why) i thought you are based in middle-east..
now i noticed singapore/db.. me tooo.. recently relocated here..
may be catchup for kopi sometime.!

iamyuva said...

by the way-- id= yuvaraj.anandan

clickable said...

Believe it or not, I feel like that sometimes too, but then when I actually "meet" people, I love their company and enjoy chatting so much. I guess this is not me at all. Is this you? Could be - you are the poet with the slightly wry style of poetry.

Radha said...

@Yuva - I moved from Dubai to Singapore over 3 years ago! Will msg you!

@Clickable - I wasn't, but ever since K, I'm becoming more of a 'text-messaging' person. After a week of work + baby; I find it increasingly difficult to be social on weekends. But thankfully, H loves being with friends so he drags me everywhere. And yes, once I take the trouble to go out I usually have a good time!