Friday, September 24, 2010

I feel whiney today.

Two of my least favourite things about Singapore are happening simultaneously this year - Formula One & Mooncakes.

Formula One is the week where all roads to & from my office are blocked off; the trains are crowded (because the roads are blocked) and everyone in the city seems to be ready to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars for VIP seats/ walk around tickets/ bars with a F1 view/ Singapore Flyer/ any tall building or hotel. I don't get the sport & I don't get what the big deal is (except maybe Hamilton - he's cute).

Also, its the mid-autumn festival and nobody at work stocks up on Oreo cookies anymore; because there's always a mooncake delivery from someplace. It's not just that I don't like eating mooncakes; but more the fact that I always try one out when someone says, "Try this one, its different from the usual mooncakes"; that makes me want to kick myself. By now I should know that my taste-buds and mooncakes are not friends (even if its a cool sounding flavour like champagne-truffle)!!


clickable said...

I share your distaste for mooncakes too. I think we (most Indians) need sweets to be deathly sweet - does anything get sweeter than a yumm gulab jamun?

Radha said...

@ Clickable - But mooncakes are also quite sweet, no? Besides, I do enjoy less sweet desserts like say, a creme brule.
ps: gulab jamuns do rock! :)