Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We are proud home-owners in Sinagpore and moved into our *own* place over the weekend. Apart from the nightmares of the corporate slavery we're going to have to sustain over the next 30 years to pay off that huge debt; we are settling in fine. The past many days have been all about lampshades, curtains, sofas, toilet fittings, baby-proofing material, and many trips to a far-flung furniture mall. And the past few nights have been spent in the middle of many unopened cardboard cartons.

I had read somewhere that moving houses is one of the most stressful situations in the human experience. Well, this one was comparable to the World War. We have moved apartments 7 times in as many years (and across 3 countries), but this one was the most difficult to deal with. We have been in denial about how much crap we've accumulated over the years! We miss the old neighbourhood. Besides, Kabeer continues to call this his "new home", but the old place as "home" and that breaks our heart.


Jas B said...

Congratulations! :)

Afternoon Latte said...

Congratulations and good luck!
I am sure over the next few months, Kabeer will settle in and he will remember this house years from now as home.
Looking forward to photos!

clickable said...

What a proud moment! Please send us pics when you get a chance...the one on the iPhone didn't do justice.

~ a said...

wow! congratulations! i'm sure kabeer will come around once he finds new things to excite him in this home! :)

Satyajit said...

Hey congrats....Moving houses can be a pain. I have done it 18 times...

Photo upload karo

iamyuva said...

;) Congrats.. iam trying to pursue/evaluating the same
and for 30yr corporate slavery!!hmm.. my risk migration plan: rich wife..;?)

iamyuva said...

and i found moving house has been the opporunity to throw stuff out..

dheeraj said...

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Radha said...

@ Jas - thanks :)

@ Afternoon Latte & Clickable - Still haven't gotten around to photos!

@ ~a - thanks :)

@ Satya & Yuva - I hate moving! And by "hate" I mean deep intense HATE!