Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas at Orchard Road

The smiling server at the fast food chain says "Merry Christmas".
There are red coffee mugs at the neighbouring Starbucks.
Bright flashy lights that come with a "high voltage" warning.
Tall Christmas trees with their glitzy ornaments & some caroling.
Special deals; discounts; and queues for the free gift wrapping.
The "Sale" signs on the display windows are prominent & strapping.
Spend $100 on your bill and you get vouchers to shop some more.
With lucky draws you could win a car, phone, or shop even more.
Christmas on Orchard Road is not at all a subtle seducer;
Nevertheless he pulls another girl from the heartland into that Louis Vuitton store.


Parth said...

How else would our economies survive? Thank you for shoring up the globe :)

Radha said...

@ Parth-
That's true. But doesn't the blatantness of it surprise you? We know its a marketing spin; but we fall for it anyway!
ps: happy new year to you!