Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to Bombay

As always, the last week of December was spent in India. Every year, Bombay & Pune look different to us - We've been living outside India for long & its interesting to see these new versions of our much loved cities.

Almost every consumer brand in the world is drooling over the Indian cities and its amusing to see their "indianised" products. Wrigleys chewing gum has ayurvedic satva in it apparently and Domino Pizza's tagline is "Khushiyon ki home delivery" (a bit ambitious for a pizza company, no?). There were queues to get into shopping malls & it makes me a bit sad that the mall culture has arrived in India.

I love listening to radio in India; I miss Indian music in Singapore - didn't know that Sheila was such a phenomenon. And then there are the "countdowns" which I love. One of the radio channels had its listeners vote for the Top 10 scams of 2010 and most people had a tough time deciding whether the CWG or 2G scam did the most harm to taxpayers (All the scams have acronyms).

TV in India still sucks. I can't believe Akshay Kumar's experience as a cook in Bangkok makes him qualified as a judge on Masterchef India; and I can't believe how loosely the Indian news channels define "breaking news"!

Insurance is probably the most advertised product ever in India. And probably have the most creative advertising teams in the country. This one makes me smile...


666 said...

Its interesting how to stick on to still calling it 'Bombay' when so many small things that have changed catch your discerning eye.

Wishing you and family a great year ahead:-)

666 said...

*you stick on to..

Radha said...

Happy new year !
I know, I keep alternating between Bombay & Mumbai. It became Mumbai after I left it; so it still stays on as Bombay in my memory.

Fighter Jet said... many things are changing in Indian fact when I visited Bangalore,I quite liked it for a change!

Parth said...

Where in the city were you? I like that you can make so many trips back home. Being so close to the country is definitely a plus :)

clickable said...

I miss the ads too...American ads are so blah! Are you visiting B'bay again in Feb? You should figure out some "work-related" travel to B'bay during the first couple of weeks :)

Radha said...

@ Fighter Jet - I haven't been to angalore for the longest time! How is the city now?

@ Parth - We were in Bandra (Pali Hill) and in Vile Parle.

@ Clickable - You're going in February? Wow, I may go again in March, but not to Mumbai. February is definitely out for me :-(