Thursday, May 05, 2011

Terrible Two's!

We didn't see it coming. We were the smug delusional parents who were in denial. Our cute & calm little K would never be a victim of Tantrumitis; we said. But it came. And it got him.

A plate full of food was thrown on the floor yesterday in a fit of rage. Followed by a refusal to say 'sorry' (and he used to love saying sorry & thank you only a few months ago!).

The power of stamping feet, thumping angry fists in the air & crying Bollywood-style has been fully understood by that tiny brain & there's no turning back now.

Is it time to play the disciplinarians? Man, I hate that part! I suck at giving punishments & sticking to them. My mama-heart gets gooey & melty all too quickly. He has those puppy eyes; so it's not entirely my fault.

It's the first non-fun thing I'm going to have to do as a parent & I'm dreading it!


Moi said...

Awww! So, he's "grounded", is he!

I am a "mommy" of a "four-legged fur ball" and all i can tell you is she gets away more often than not and I am guilty of sending mixed signals all the time, sometimes scolding her for being a "bad cat" while letting it be, at other times!!! ha!!!!

By the way, ask your parents and see how often did you throw one at that age ???

Parth said...

Yup, he is playing you alright :) Good luck on trying to find the right formula for disciplining!

clickable said...

Rhea's been displaying these symptoms (esp. the throwing bit) since she was it doesn't help that she's very effusive with her sorry's (she's like me :))

I've decided that giving attention to it doesn't work. Try the ignore mechanism :) Oh - how much we plot against our kids!

Radha said...

@ Moi - No grounding yet. But we have a 'naughty corner' in which he's supposed to sit & reflect on what he's done. Hasn't worked so far though!!! :-)

@ Parth - If there was a formula, it would be on wikipedia or babycenter by now!!! Which makes us wonder if the only formula is the politically incorrect one of 'give the kid a thrashing' which of course nobody wants to publish!!! :-)

@ Clickable - Well, the stubbornness/ego came after the 2nd birthday. He was easy; almost frivolous with his sorry before that. Ignoring a full-blown tantrum is difficult....there are tears & stamping feet & rolling on the floor!!! It was a big melodrama !!!

diyadear said...


We are having the same time here too.. terrible twos :)