Thursday, May 19, 2011

A personal tragedy struck us on Sunday. We got a phone call from Dubai that we had lost a friend. To a mental-illness which we knew of, but never suspected it to be life-threatening in this fashion.

Seeing the tragedy of untimely death so closely has made our whole world questionable. The thought of people being transient - especially the ones we love so dearly - is excrutiating. Time starts to feel oddly powerful, a mercenary. The things that we keep ourselves busy seeking turn pointless, silly. Priorities re-stack. I know the grief will probably pass. But the feelings of futility & powerlessness? Maybe even guilt? Do they ever pass?

We are leaving for Dubai tonight to attend the funeral & I can't lose the big pit of emptiness I feel in my stomach at the thought of seeing his surviving family. The wife- my dear strong friend, the son, the mother. How do I empathise with them when I can't even bear the thought of being in their shoes? It haunts me.


666 said...

Very sad indeed. I hope his family finds the strength to pass through this difficult time. Good that you guys are planning to be there with them to alleviate the pain.

Very well written thoughts on the transience of life. I recently lost a childhood friend and felt exactly the same.

Life is short, spare not all the flowers for the grave.

Jas B said...

Time is powerful...God grant you and his family strength to come to terms with this loss.

kaya said...

Dear Radha
sorry to hear about your loss.
May God give the family patience to bear their loss and heal their pain.

kaya said...

@ Jas B
You vanished?
And I cant find your blog.

~ a said...

Am sorry to hear about your friend Radha... I hope you're able to help out his family in this tough period. It's a reality check of sorts when things like this happen, we begin to realize what exactly is important and what's not. It's like that old philosophical lesson where we must fill our lives with the rocks which are the people, our family, our loved ones and close friends first. then all the other things like our work, money, etc can be the pebbles and everything else the sand.


diyadear said...

Sorry to hear about your friend.. May almighty give everyone the strength to live through the rough times..