Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dan Dan Noodles

My love for certain types of food comes & goes in phases (Have been through a "Din Tai Fung" phase where I ate dumplings for lunch all days of a week; have been through a McFlurry phase where every meal had to end with McFlurry for dessert; and have been through a Butter Chicken phase which lasted 9 months of my pregnancy)

This is my current phase: Dan Dan Mian. I wake up every morning telling myself that I will not eat the same thing for lunch again today; but around lunch time my body takes me to the same restaurant. What's wrong with me?


clickable said...

it's crazy romantic love for the dan-dan noodles. It's so super-spicy though! How can you handle that every day?

Radha said...

Well, they don't make it that super-spicy here....I mean its spicy alright, but not as spicy as say Indian food.