Thursday, June 09, 2011

Embarassing parent moments

K (loudly, pointing to an old bearded Muslim man): Mama, look Santa Claus!
Me: Stop pointing please. That's not Santa.
K (still pointing & loud): That's not Santa? Is that Mr. Gnome?
Me: The waiter is getting coffee for everyone. We've asked him to get some coffee for you too!
K (when the waiter is at our table): Mama, is this man getting some?
K saw his dad coming out of his bathroom in a towel, promptly ran out to the living room & told his nanny: "My dadda is running around without clothes".
A neighbour in our condo gave K a cookie.
Me: Wow...who gave you that cookie, K?
K (pointing) : The fat man.


kaya said...

Aww thats so sweet.
Reminds me of my most painful moment when I thought Id check out what all the hoopla was with Thongs.
Out on a shopping trip with 3 years old dragging behind, in a very loud voice she says,: "Mummy why aren't you wearing your panties today?"

Never again I promise you.

clickable said...

Hilarious. Kids are brutally honest.

Parth said...

Occupational hazards of being a parent, I suppose :)

Radha said...

@ Kaya - hahahaha!!! That's hilarious!!!

@ Clickable - I know. I will be disappointed when he learns how to be politically correct!

@ Parth - I suppose :) The kids get away with it, and the parents get the stares!!!

Satyajit said...

Radha, let him be. He has to shut up and be politically correct for the rest of his life.

~ a said...

Hahaha!!! Radha, Kabeer is a sweetheart! :) Really hilarious!