Friday, July 15, 2011

Explosions in Mumbai. Again.

I can't say I'm particularly disappointed in the Intelligence folks. Anyone who has been at Kabutar-khana or Zaveri-bazaar can vouch that there's no way to spot that man with a bomb in those crowded markets.

They perhaps could've stopped the bombs from entering the country or city? But in a city where a fake passport comes so cheap and hundreds of shanty-boats offload tonnes of who-knows-what on its coasts illegally everyday, how could I expect them to spot three small packets with bombs in it?

Besides, how difficult is it to make those things onshore? They could've been made 3 miles from my home in Mumbai & I wouldn't be shocked.

I'm not sure I'm especially disappointed in the politicians & policy-makers either. I don't think the events on the day would've played out any differently if there was a different CM, PM or party. I'm not sure what I expect my leaders to do in the face of these temperamental outbursts of vain anger. For now, I would just like them to focus on not selling telecom rights for bribery.

Like everyone in Mumbai, I have learnt not to expect any different, I guess. The promise of change is jaded. All I've been able to do so far is 'like' a Facebook page called 'Terrorism sucks'.


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