Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary

It was our anniversary this week & because I often get paranoid about the death of romance in our marriage-after-kids, we did take a day off from work. But eventually spent it doing odd pending chores (there simply are so many things to do!).

I complain about it to H, but not whole-heartedly. There are different kinds of romances. There's the romance of the Paris-kind (which is most often referred to simply as 'romance') and there's the romance of the Mumbai-kind (best personified by those couples seen sitting at Juhu beach convinced that they're in an isolated romantic setting, despite the scary hijara-gang approaching them; the smell of human feaces & the muddy-brown sea water with plastic waste floating on it.)

Romantics are optimists (and perhaps all optimists are romantic?). Life is running our life at the moment, but we took the time; the day to feel. We still believe in the specialness of our togetherness. The phase of manicness will pass. Or so I hope!


~ a said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! May your crazy, optimistic romance never die. :)

You're right, we are optimists, and I completely believe the second type of romanticists... :) the type who feel that Bombay is beautiful and that in spite of all the problems that the monsoons bring to the city, it is still the most romantic season of them all.


Jas B said...

Happy Anniversary, Radha. :)

Anu said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

clickable said...

Happy Anniversary, Radha - words of wisdom, eh! Lovely touching post.

Parth said...

Happy anniversary wishes to you. Post-kid romance is its own beast, eh? :)

Radha said...

Thank you guys :)