Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 in retrospect

2012 seems like an incredibly long year in retrospect. Maybe because it was the year of making amends & getting things right. But now that we're close to the end of this year, it feels great to have turned things around; knowing priorities & seeing things in a clearer light (I still regret not having seen them sooner).

As a mother, the new year is making me nervous. K is going to start his 4th year of life & is already showing signs of independence (the kind I dreamed of when he was younger; but now that its looming so close I'm craving for his clinginess-to-mom again!)

I've never been prouder of H. This has been a hard year for us & he has been my pillar of strength. I still wish he would quit smoking though....If only I could make resolutions on his behalf!

My first resolution for the new year is to focus on my health. This really shouldn't be a resolution; should be a way of routine life; but every good habit needs to start somewhere I suppose. And my other resolution is to focus on a dream project of mine that I've been ruminating over for a while now - its time to roll up the sleeves & get working on it.

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