Saturday, December 15, 2012

The India trip

We've spent the past few weeks in India & like every year, this trip too felt much too short & chaotic.

We spent some time in Delhi this year for a friend's wedding. Delhi was cold, had lip smacking food, a lot of family and overall did good for little K's Hindi language skills. It was peak wedding season & there were as many ghodis on the roads as people. Delhi weddings are of course great for people watching - they know how to bring on the bling!

From Delhi we took a short family holiday at the Jim Corbett National Park. We stayed in lovely cottages by the Kosi river & were brave enough to venture a sunrise safari in an open jeep when the temperature hovered around 5-6 degrees. Our bravery was rewarded by a rare sighting of a tiger in the wild! K and his cousin however felt rather underwhelmed by the tiger sighting & pronounced that tigers had been seen more clearly on tv before. The boys had great fun in the forest though. The elephants & their toilet habits fascinated them immensely.

I love watching my parents interact with K. Their relationship with grand kids is nothing like their relationship with me or my brother. They are so much more patient as grand parents & care so little about discipline & other such mundane things! I'm not quite sure when this change happened & why me or my brother failed to draw this side of their personality to the fore when we were younger. In any case, there's something very heart warming about watching your young one bond with your parents.


The Other Me said...
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Sneha said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Did you enjoy Corbett? It's most definitely on my to-do next time I go to India (as are 10 other things so it's a tough fight :) )

Radha said...

It was amazing Sneha & more that just a tiger-spotting place.

clickable said...


I didn't know you still update your blog! So fun to catch up on your world. Facebook just doesn't cut it.

Love...and keep writing.

clickable said...

Oh, and what I meant to write about this particular post was that grandparents are finally the parents they probably always wanted to be without all the "responsibilities" of raising a good kid.