Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 in retrospect

The year flew by in a jiffy. 

It was an incredibly overwhelming year at work. I am used to stress at work, but this year I was dealing with new people, a new environment, a new culture & I have to admit I let the stress of the change get to me. Change is a constant though & life is too short to worry, isn't it?

At home, we had tons of drama. A housekeeper who we discovered was stealing from us was a shocker. But among brighter topics - K discovered a love for taekwando this year; I got a bicycle & H devoted more time to golf this year than any previous year since K was born. And we had a record number of guests at home this year - which was great because we caught up with so many friends, family & loved ones in 2013! New things I tried in 2013: Kobe steak, printed trousers, blue shoes, a yacht & sleep training for K. Loved all except for the last. 

Among other news- I hate being associated with this years Bollywood chart buster "Radha on the dance floor".  I do not like that song. Also, I don't get why cupcakes & permed hair have made such a big comeback in Singapore this year. 

2014 is going to be fantastic! I don't need to make resolutions this time...they are already in motion & it's exciting/ nail biting/ exhilarating all at once :)


Parth said...

Nice to see a summary. I have to admit that most years seem to pass by like a blur nowadays, especially post kids. On a lighter note, were you fine with 'Radha kaise na jale' before the new Radha song came along? :)

Kabeer said...
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Radha said...

Parth - I've heard worse - there's a "Bol Radha Bol" starring Juhi Chawla portraying a village belle! :(

Parth said...

Tu tu tu tu tu taraa .... :)