Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rahul on Arnab's show

Oh dear. Watched the Rahul Gandhi interview on YouTube. Clearly, not a wordsmith.


Parth said...

It was painful to watch, to be honest. Someone was circulating a gif the next day of how any and every question lead to one of four answers. In particular, the one on women's empowerment.

Radha said...

I didn't get the strategy at all. None of the questions were googlies - they were pretty much FAQs - didn't he rehearse the responses before? Why choose Arnab Goswami if the idea was to come across as a boy next door political leader?

Naswarville said...

haha i saw this funny video on bilawal and rahul and they both keep calling up their dad and mom up respectively to ask for advice while talking to each other... lemme see if i can find it online :D