Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Little K & Star Wars

K has now watched the Star Wars Trilogy and I had a rather lengthy discussion with him on world affairs and it went something like this....

K: If the Rebels are fighting against the evil emporer for freedom, why doesn't the emperor simply make Luke Skywalker the king? Whats so special about being the emperor anyway?

Me: Well, for some people it's important to have power.

K: Like the guy in Syria?

Me: Um, yes, like the President of Syria.

K: Are the people who are fighting against him like the Star Wars Rebels?

Me: Not quiet. They are terrorists, they aren't good guys either.

K: So who's side should we be on? 

Me: Neither, I guess.

K: I support the rebels

Me: You don't have to take sides unless you agree with what they're doing.

K: What's the difference between Rebels and terrorists?

Argh, he is 5 years old & am I feeding him western media propaganda already?

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