Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why H's birthday was life changing for me

We celebrated H's birthday by taking a family trip to Tioman this year. The island is famous as a snorkeling & diving destination. 

Now I know that I'm late to the party, but remember I can't swim, so my exposure to the ocean bed had been very very limited. In Tioman, we met a lovely diving instructor named Stormy who decided to make it her mission to introduce me to the beauty of nature underwater. So despite my petrified whines, she literally pulled me into the deep(ish) waters holding both my hands and calmed my nerves. And what I saw & felt has changed my life. The sights were breathtaking! The coral shaped like purple cabbages and green lily-pads, and schools of zebra striped and rainbow colored neon fish emerging from that coral...the sheer number of colours and variety of species was simply unbelievable! And the Sharks! Who knew they were shy creatures!

We look at the world with blinders on most days & it's days like these which open our eyes to how large & diverse our world really is. The freedom of spirit I felt being in the underwater wild is indescribable. Definitely going back for more....I'm hooked.

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