Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Prestige

Last night, we watched The Prestige. I loved the movie. Its a story of two rival magicians; both obssessed with being the best; their relationships & the sacrifices in their lives (to the finish where the magician kills himself as a cost of the prestige; the final part of a magician's trick). Towards the end, the movie makes a beautiful leap from the logical illusions (being dished out as magic) to the surreal (portrayed ironically, as a scientific invention).

The plot is like a jigsaw puzzle - the movie goes back & forth in time and the crucial piece of the puzzle is revealed in the climax. The moment you get it, you want to watch the movie all over again in the light of that last piece :)


lalunadiosa said...

I really liked the movie too. I think the cast was perfect and they all did a great job. Especially David Bowie as Tesla.
Plus the story was fantasic but still somewhat believable.

Radha said...

I wouldn't call it believable, but I know what you mean. Its right on that blurry line between science & imagination.

I liked David Bowie too. Really mysterious.