Sunday, January 28, 2007


It’s frightening to read the news these days. Not only has the ‘war on terrorism’ failed in eliminating terrorists; it has led to their multiplication the world over.

It makes me wonder: Why do people fall prey to extremism more easily today than they did say 10 years ago? What has changed so significantly in this decade? How did intolerance increase so much so suddenly the world over?

Is it just the end of the cold war & the power center moving to the US, that did it? Is it that the information throughout the world flows more freely now, making people more aware of the inequalities in the world, creating more ‘clashes’ between ethnicities? Or is it that there just is so much misplaced hatred in our world that we don’t need a reason anymore?


M said...

You forget the OIL FACTOR. oil has become more precious than money in the last decade & its instigating all these wars & terrorist attacks.

Radha said...

True, the oil wars have turned dirty. But I guess the lack of tolerance in people is much deeper than that.