Sunday, January 06, 2008

In The Country of Men

I loved reading "In The Country of Men" by Hisham Matar; a moving semi-autobiographical story of a boy growing up in post-revolution Libya.

I must admit, when I took up this book, I knew nothing about Libya or Tripoli; or Gaddafi or his Revolution & I had to wiki it up in order to understand the context of this book.

It was a window into Libya (which until now was generalised in my mind simply as 'Arab' or 'African'). One boy's story certainly doesn't describe a country; but it gives you a flavour of its cultural & political scenario.

The book, by the way, is recommended. Reminded me of "The Kite Runner" in some ways.

A good synopsis of the book here.


666 said...

and why is it 'In the country of Men'?

the cover pic is excellant. Lack of interest in reading is one of the biggest regrets in my life. I just cant do it grrrrr

Radha said...

Umm, I guess its called 'In the country of Men' because the story is projected from the eyes of a child; a boy who is trying to make sense of this world of grown-ups (men) & what happens around these men.

Happy Reader said...

I'm glad you liked it! :) Thanks for the link.

Radha said...

HappY Reader,
I did enjoy reading it; my personal rating would be 4/5. In some parts the characters were middle-eastern-cliches; but in most parts they seemed very real.

Moi said...

i love the cover pic..........i will pick it up some day, Radha....

Lotus Reads said...

Darn, Amazon had this book in its "bargain" section last week, but when I went to look for it just now I see they've upped the price again...just my luck!

BTW, thank you for the write-up Radha. This book has been on my wish list ever since I first read about it on Happy Reader's blog and I see you've linked to it too! :)

Radha said...

Welcome back! Where have you been??

Hmm, its one of those books you want to borrow & read; not *classic* enough to be bought (you probably wouldn't read it over & over again). As I was telling Happy Reader, I thought in some parts the characters were very cliched & the plot very stereotyped. I loved the book mostly because it brought me face-to-face with a new country & a new culture; that of Libya. Worth a one-time read for sure.