Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The view from my desk

Mechanical drone,
Of towering cranes.
Rushed & ruffled,
Cars & men;
All busy, all at work,
To make the city,
A bit bigger, louder.

And then in the distance,
The restful swish,
Sea collides with shore,
Gradually becomes the sky;
Proud & poised,
Looks in disdain,
At the pointless bustle on land.

PS: Incidentally, I've got one of the best seats in my office; the view is out-standing!


Parth said...

Wow, your view seems to be better than mine :-)

Radha said...

A window seat on the 15th level of a sea-facing tower :)
Beat that!!

Jas Bhambra said...

Wow, thats a good seating.

We are trapped in the basement, and the lab which is on the 2nd floor in in the centre of the building with no windows. There could be a major winter storm outside or it could be a bright and beautiful sunny day, but we wouldn't know anything!

Radha said...

But then you aren't missing much these days....bright sunny days in calgary are still some time away, aren't they? :)

Jas Bhambra said...

As a matter of fact Radha, Calgary is one of the brightest cities, 90% of the days are sunny. It might be very very cold and there might be a lot of snow, but it is mostly sunny! :)
Although today it is snowing and it is not sunny. :(

Padma said...

nice post, i looked out of my window immediately after reading ... brick building contemporary colonial, go figure, old style street lamp posts, a big tree with no leaves and everything else snow coevered, so well yeah, sea and all that is sorta fun :)

i am quite a fan of your blog, do visit it often, so thought i would leave a message today.

Moi said...

i am typing from our current living room, just finished giving an interview........wanna trade places with moi?? haha!!

love that poem, Radha......:)

suramya said...

hey are u describing those huge tall machnices that are drilling for oil. I just loved looking at them, there's something so majestic about them, though some people thought they were an eyesore.

Radha said...

Really? Well, in that case enjoy the sunshine :)

welcome to petty-change :)
And the view from your office seems interesting too :))

Job-hunting is not the most fun activity in life; but trust me things only get better from there :)

Hey, long time! Well, actually the view from my desk consists of a huge constrcution site in the foreground & the sea in the background. The construction site by the way, is meant to be Singapore's first casino.

Happy Reader said...

Beautiful poem! A sea-facing you must be enjoying one heck of a view! Wanna trade :screaming:

Radha said...

Happy Reader,
Thanks :)
Tell me what the view is like from your window & then maybe I'll consider switching :))