Monday, January 14, 2008

Treetop Walk

We went to Singapore's Macritchie Nature Reserve over the weekend & it was such a refreshing change of view from the city's regular "high-rises and more high-rises" landscape. We did a half-day walk along the 'Tree-top trail' surrounded by green on all sides. The pic below is the view from the rope-way bridge on the trail. Its not exactly nature-on-the-loose; but its close enough to the real thing without having to go out of the city :-)


Jas Bhambra said...

Such lush greenery.:) So soothing to my tired eyes.
At this time of the year, we only get to see bare brown trees everywhere! And snow, although this time we did notreceive much snow at all in Alberta and Calgary. The snow gods dumped quite a bit of snow on the eastern side of the country.

Fighter Jet said...

Wow :)
was this take from top of some high rise concrete tree! :)

Radha said...

The green looks lovely doesn't it? I've seen canada in winter (i visited toronto a really long time ago). And its totally bbbrrrrr!! And then i was told that northern canada is worse :-)

Fighter Jet,
As a matter of fact, this pic is clicked from the top of a rope-way bridge; the kind that wobbles a bit when people step on it. It gave a bird's eye view of the forest. So it was all quite cute :)

666 said...

Excellant pic!

Happy Reader said...

Beautiful view! Very refreshing

Moi said...

that green is beautiful......:)

Radha said...

Tks :)

Happy Reader, Moi,
Singapore has a lot of greenery in & around the city; but to see this mini-forest in the city was quite a treat :)

shakester said...

what a nice stumble upon- your blog! There's something very 'you' about the blog. Maybe I will try to explain that sometime:)

Radha said...

I knew you would be a blogger. All people who have lots of gyan to give & not many people around with the patience to hear the gyan, have their own blogs!!
I loved Singapore Ahoy!!! :))

shakester said...

haha !
lots of gyaan and no one to hear it- thats a good way to describe ab blogger, if ever there was one. I'm afraid I have been neglecting my blog(s) way too much.

see you saturday!