Monday, July 07, 2008

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

So we visited this quaint & charming hill station in Malaysia & it was a lovely & memorable holiday.

We stayed at a Tudor-styled cottage-hotel called "The Old Smokehouse" and it was a slice out of colonial English holiday-life. Cuppa tea in the garden, wine by the fire-place in the evenings, even our breakfast was served in courses! :)

The landscape of Cameron Highlands is BEAUTIFUL. The tea-plantations cover a lot of land and there are points in the hill roads where you can only view acres & acres of tea plantations in any direction you see, as far away as you see. It's like a massive green carpet in the distance & a lovely never-ending garden up close.

And the weather was perfect. It was nippy, but not oppressively cold. In the mornings, the mist would sneek through the doors & windows until everything became bleary, romantic & bollywood-film-like (If I resisted the temptation to dance around trees or roll down the hill slopes, it was only because H is too shy to do such things).
Sigh. Back in Singapore's hot, humid & I see Monday-morning zombies as far as I can see.


Fighter Jet said...

Ohh..thats lovely!

Sneha said...

That last snap - with the mist seeping into the room - looks like a cover of a postcard!

Good to hear that you enjoyed your holiday :-)

Parth said...

The last snap is really beautiful.

Satyajit said...

dayam....the photos look right out of a fairy tale book with woodland creatures popping out to dance to daler mehendi...
seriously, awesome place.

Radha said...

Fighter Jet,
Yes, it was :)

It was a great holiday!

It is!

The place was like an absolute postcard!
Daler Mehendi? Seriously??

amna said...

oh wow the place looks gorgeous!!

syrel smith said...

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