Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Anniversary :)

We glanced back from our speed boat,
At the track of ripples we left in the river;
Followed by the dew drops on leaves adrift-
like tiny gems on water; floating together;
And between the ripples & the gems;
A bleary reflection of two happy faces--
Both of us & this sojourn in paradise.


Sneha said...

Hey Radha! I'm assuming it's your wedding anniversary - hope you have a blast and enjoy yourselves to the hilt! :-)

Radha said...

Thanks :)

Sneha said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - lovely words! :-)

~ a said...

lovely!! :) Happy anniversary!

Shubha said...

Happy Anniversay!!!!!!!!

Amazing words... as usual :-)

Radha said...

Sneha, Ayesha, Shubha,
Thanks :)

Maddy said...

Thanks for your visit. Belated Happy anniversary wishes to you. May you be blessed with happiness,joy, fun and togetherness.

Radha said...

Thank you! :-)