Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flight attendants

I've heard so many Air India travellers complain about how the flight attendants in Air India are not young enough, or pretty enough, or slim enough. I wonder how this expectation came about that flight attendants are required to be young & pretty. I've rarely known of anyone who would judge the quality of a restaurant, for example, by how pretty the waitress is. Why then are airlines judged by the beauty of their air crew?

PS: The service quality in Air India is another topic all together; completely unrelated to the physical appeal of its air hostesses.


J said...

I suppose it isn't about being pretty but presentable.

Damn!! Air Malta has more male flight attendants then women :|

Radha said...

Being presentable is required in all service industries, I guess. Even in a bank, the front office staff is required to be presentable. But they dont have restrictions on how much they can weigh; like they do in the airlines business.

btw, whats with the sudden secrecy & privacy on ur blog? :)

Anonymous said...

Got to love the royal family.

Moi said...

boo-hiss to all the sexists in the world ;DDDDDD

666 said...

well i have thought so too. in fact in many flights i have pondered over this question. My view was that in an airplane there really is not much to see. In fact there is nothing to see (the inflight entertainment concept has just begun). From that seat.. the only thing which is visible and conspicuous are the air hostesses. More so coz passengers are sitting, they are standing. I have found myself inadvertently looking at the air hostesses for the simple reason there is no alternative for my line of sight!
If i am reading and look up, i shall end up seeing one of those femmes.