Monday, September 01, 2008

I've been MIA!!!

The past month has been a roller-coaster ride (which thankfully ended on a high); so I've logged into my blog after really long today & realised I need to start blogging again; it's my daily dose of therapy which I've been missing lately :)

I used the time to do other constructive things though -- watched a lot of the Beijing Olympics; learnt how to make delicious biryani; did some quiet reading on weekends (H has been travelling a lot); sorted out some nagging loose ends at work.

Missed out on two weddings though which I would've loved to attend -- one in France, the other in Delhi; and skipped almost all my mandarin lessons last month; haven't watched a new movie in ages; haven't had a minute of exercise for as long as I can remember.

It's time to get back on the schedule now... :)


Fighter Jet said...

seems a lot hectic! :)

Radha said...

no it wasn't really hectic :)

Sneha said...

good to have you back in blog-o-land! :-)

Satyajit said...

"delicious biryani" did you conclude that the biryani was delicious? tsk tsk. himanshu's opinion don't count cause he does not have much of a choice does he?
welcome back btw.

Radha said...

Good to be back!

Well confession -- I didnt make the biryani; just learnt how to make it. Mom is here & she made it & I just stood by & learnt :o)
I will make it myself soon. Once mom goes back :o)

666 said...

good to have you back. I also watched/followed the olympics a bit. My favs were Phelps and off corss Usain Bolt. I like his name a lot 'Usain'..

amna said...

yay :) i haven't blogged in ages either - i'm trying to get back into routine.

Radha said...

Oh yeah, I saw both the sprints in which Usain won. What a phenomenal athlete; seemed a bit pompous/ arrogant to me though....but I guess thats a quality good atheletes need to have!

I noticed you were missing as well :)
Hows life with you?

Moi said...

done with playing catch-up, yet? :)