Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Being 3 months pregnant

The worst thing about the 3rd month of pregnancy:
My stomach is big enough to make me look noticeably fat; but not large enough for people to realise I'm pregnant. I feel like one of those big-bellied Disney characters.

The best thing about the 3rd month of pregnancy:
There's *hope* that the nausea, fatigue, dizziness shall pass soon! Also, with all the reading of pregnancy books, I discovered that there' s this whole alternate world of baby-related words that I knew nothing of until now. (Ask a non-pregnant person to construct a lucid sentence using words like 'progestron' or 'gestational age'; he/she would be stumped.)


666 said...

aaha.. 'Pregnancy Lingua Franca'

do mention which all books are you reading. I recall theres a bible from Dr. Benjamin Spock, dunno what its called

And make sure you and H dont discuss too much of global financial crisis, or like Abhimanyu, the babe would be born intelligent to only the dark side.. just kidding..

Cheers.. take care.

Kanishka Agiwal said...

That is excellent news eh!! I think you will soon experience immense and sudden mood swings. But as a lady that is not something new ;)

Shubha said...

Hey..Congrats!!!! Now that the 1st tri-mester is over hopefully you will have a smoother ride...a big hug from DC Coming your way gal..

sea life said...

Congratulation and all the best!
Nice blog, you have in here:)

Radha said...

Ok, how the hell do you know about Dr. Spock's book??? What are you not telling us?? :)

Thanks :)
Very funny...but it is quite convenient that one can blame almost anything on the hormones!

Shubha, Sea Life,
Thanks so much :)

666 said...

Fortunately I am just pregnant with ideas!!

Well I have one niece and one nephew so thats how Dr. Benjamin Spock..and many others. Will let you know eventually:-)

Also a friend who recently discovered paternity was explaining to me the absolute indispensibility of that book for both expecting parents. According to him, he understands his babe better thanks to Dr. Spock!

shakester said...

amen! to point2

Moi said...

I can only think of that funny expression they use....Radha, you have a bun in the!!!!

and look at all the men turning to give you their piece of's H taking the whole thing????

Radha said...

I'm impressed with your knowledge on the subject!! :D

Not to pt.1?

I know!! Well, Himanshu is super excited & also a bit nervous. He's been talking to the baby everyday; which is rather cute! :)

Fighter Jet said...


Kishor Cariappa said...


Satyajit said...

congrats. your kid's going to be a finance wizard by the time he/she hits 3 months.


Radha said...

Fighter Jet, Kishor,

Hahaha, hope so! And thanks for the link

kaya said...

WOW (gbsmacked and ecstatic)
HERES WISHING YOU AN AMAZING pregnancy and delivery.
Look after yourself, and dont 4get us buddhi's for any old wives tales.
To u and miahjee
Bohat Mubarak ho

Lotus Reads said...

Radha, congrats to you and hubby, this is such great news!!!!! Don't worry, after the first trimester everything gets better and you will start to really enjoy your pregnancy.

Radha said...

Shukran!! :)
It's completely life-altering. Have to admit, I am a bit nervous, but mainly very very glad!

We're super-excited right now...just hoping the nausea disappears soon!!

kaya said...

nausea challa jayega. Munch on dry crackers. What used to get me started was the bathroom sink in the morning. I could smell it all the way to the sewage dump. HEHEHHE
and the toothpaste drove me nuts.
Wound up brushing my teeth by midday.
I who loves tea always go off tea when I am expecting.
Uff bechaari. Here she announced and I have already started with the desi stories.
sorry yaar!