Monday, October 06, 2008

I saw my angel

The moment I saw you,
I knew life had changed forever
You moved right in, swiftly
to the center of my heart.
From here on, love
would mean your happiness.
From here on, peace
would mean knowing you're well.
From here on, bliss
would mean watching you be.
A part of me, yet
an angel from another world.
I want to protect you, always
you're precious, invaluable.
I love loving you,
my miracle, you fill me with awe.

PS: We're having a baby!! And these were our thoughts after our first scan! :)


Parth said...

Hey heartiest congratulations!!

mookuthi said...

wow many weeks? do you know the sex of the baby as yet?...any help pls dont hesitate to ask.... in terms of diet, excercise( I am a P.T) Baby stuff that u may need to buy...i can send you the list across etc...
Congrats Once again... Its the most joyful moment seeing your lil one...enjoy every moment and take care

Radha said...

Thanks :)

Thank you! Its week # 14. Thanks for the offer for help; I'm sure I'll ask you for more info as more weeks go by!!

D said...

beautiful words...

Radha said...

Thank you :)

Sneha said...

Radha my friend - heartiest congratulations! Really happy for you buddy! :-)

Radha said...

Thank you :)

666 said...

hey a big congrats to you and H!!

wow that was a pleasant surprise, now that I have been following your life (thru the petty changes you throw once a while :-)

That would make it the first 'blog baby' I know of.

Take care, off course and pamper yourself too :-)

Radha said...

Thanks :)

shakester said...


Moi said...

so cooooooooooooooool, you did pay heed to the 30th landmark in your life......:)
I am so glad for you and H..........Congratulations :)

and take the greatest care of yourself..........:)

hugs and love and more hugs and more love :)

Radha said...



ruchika said...

congrats dear...

Nilesh said...

Congratulations! I won't be giving you any tips. :-) But i hope you stay in these spirits and this happy always. Cheers!

Radha said...

Ruchika, Nilesh,
Thanks :)

Lotus Reads said...

Oh,Radha, these lovely words brought tears to my eyes...I so relate. Hearing our little one's heartbeats for the first time made me feel fiercely protective too. What's more, once you're a mother, you're going to feel that way for life.

Radha said...

Thanks :)

Jayne said...

Before I finished reading the poem, I thought to myself "she's pregnant!"
Heartiest congratulations hon, to both you & your partner in life.

Radha said...

Thank you :)