Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip to Bangkok - Part II

While in Bangkok, we watched a Khon show (the traditional Thai classical performing art). The dance form is typically based on stories from the Ramayana (called Ramaniket in Thai). The play we saw was titled "Hanuman" so the story was familiar & we weren't too bothered by the fact that the "narrators" were singing in Thai. I loved the costumes & the masks & the jewellery. The dance in itself was quite difficult to interpret, I thought; with some characters in masks & the others with mask-like faces...a lot of the emoting is done through hand gestures & movements.


Sneha said...

Interesting that the Ramayan tales have travelled!

Did you get to visit any other city?

Fighter Jet said...

what do they call Hanuman in thai ?!!

Moi said...

:) @ fighter jet's query :)

even some of their names are so similar to ours.

Radha said...

No, we were only in Bangkok. And yes, Ramayana is a big influence in Thai culture.

Fighter Jet,
He was still Hanuman :)

Well, not the Thai names, but a some words apparently are borrowed from Sanskrit & are nnow incorporated in Thai.