Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A tooth is sprouting!

I'm going to miss the toothlessness :-(


Jas B said...

:) He will look cute with his little tiny bud of a tooth as well when he smiles! :)

clickable said...

He'll look like a cute lil' bunny wabbit! Beware the teething fuss though :(

iamyuva said...

;) well now no, time to be careful..

Moi said... that why he is ready to chew his shoe in the profile pic :)

he's adawwwrable :)

Radha said...

Yes, he does. But the charms of the toothless grin are now lost forever! :-(

He's not been that so fussy so far, lets hope that continues!

I know :)

Well, everything goes in his mouth. And by everything, I mean everythinggggggg!! :)