Thursday, January 21, 2010

Working from Mumbai

I've been working from our Mumbai office all this week on a short work stint. It's been kind of strange. I'm working in Mumbai after 6-7 years; and although I love it here, I have to admit sometimes its just not the same Mumbai for me anymore (I'm just nostalgic, not anti-progress).

What else? Was my first time on the sea-link this Monday. It's no doubt an iconic structure & the Mumbai skyline looks deceptively pretty from it (especially with the morning sun & haze). But in terms of delivering what it was supposed to do, I guess its a case of too little, too late - the traffic at both ends of the sea-link is terrible! Takes me around 2 hours to get home every evening. Used to be 1.5 hours 6 years ago. Without the sea link.

But love the perks of working in South Bombay - Have had most of my meals at "Ideal Corner" enjoying some great Parsi food; have cutting-chai every afternoon & a deep-fried snack which is otherwise avoidable has become a must :)


Fighter Jet said...

I have only one word for Bombay.
God save the Bombay!

Jas B said...

I went there when I was a little girl, it was busy then, I can only imagine what it must be like now!
Is Kabeer with you in B'bay???

Radha said...

Um, that's not one word! :)
But yes, agreed, that Mumbai is now beyond human repair!

Yup, here with Kabeer. he's been bonding with his grandmom while I'm at work.

Sneha said...

Hi Radha! Hope you have a great time in Mumbai. I've heard our office in South Mumbai is at a good locale? Never really been there in person, but will sure do next time I go! And yes... please do post some pics of the Mumbai 'skyline' from the Sea-Link!

Radha said...

No didn't get a pic. I belong to those rare species who still dont have a camera phone!!! Must get one; for moments like this when camera comes handy!

Jas B said...

Lol! I upgrades to a new phone set, has a camera phone but I still don't know how to use many of its features!

cutting said...

Hi Radha,
Your post made me nostalgic...i lived in cuffe parade and moved to singapore in 2003...wish i could be back in bombay!

Radha said...

Well, I have my blackberry & then there's an iPhone. But I hardly carry the iPhone with me; because its too cumbersome to keep carrying two phones!

You can take a man out of bombay; but you cant take bombay out of a man :)

Merlin said...

I know exactly how u feel... i was raving abt it on my blog throughout December when I was in India and even before going to India...