Friday, January 08, 2010

Movies I watched

Avatar: I was disappointed with the movie. Visually, it was undoubtedly beautiful, imaginative & the mega-scale of it was breathtaking. I was a bit envious of the animation team; I wish I had a job like that - to let your imagination lose & to dream up a new & beautiful world. Also, 3D was fun*. The movie on the whole, however, was not so great for me.

3 Idiots: Had a good number of hilarious moments; I was laughing aloud in the movie hall. But the rona-dhona/ giving-the-social-message scenes spoiled the movie for me; I wish the movie had just stuck to being funny. The vaccum cleaner delivery scene made me cringe & the newborn responding to "Aal is well" made it worse (the experience of suction-delivery was perhaps all too close to me); and it irked me how everyone on the college campus seemed ready for suicide at the drop of the hat. Btw, I distinctly remember this joke from when I was 7 or 8 -"The Pakistani astronaut spent billions of rupees to invent a pen that would work in space & then the Indian used a pencil".

Sherlock Holmes: Haven't seen the movie yet; but I'm dying to. My friend M thinks the movie is not meant for us (as in those who grew up reading Sherlock Holmes); its like finding out Santa doesn't exist. But the thought of Robert Downey Jr & Guy Ritchie together makes me want to watch anyway!

* H thinks Chota Chetan had more fun 3D effects than Avatar, can you believe it?


iamyuva said...

3idiots-- i totally agree.

avatar- nnoooo. i don't agree. i liked it althou storyline was weak but 2hr40m did went fast and whole experience was enjoyable.

sherlock holmes-haven't seen yet. not so excited about it

666 said...

Lets talk numbers..

Avatar passed the $1.12 billion tally of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" last Wednesday to become the second-highest worldwide release ever, trailing only "Titanic" with worldwide sales of $1.84 billion in 1997-1998

Radha said...

@ Avatar: Enjoyable, it was! But wasn't as great/ pathbreaking as I expected it to be. I was expecting it to be like the next Matrix.

I think that was the problem; I expected too much before I walked into the movie!

Moi said...

i am yet to watch any of these!!!

and add jude law to that potent mix !!!

that India -pakistan joke, I thought when I heard it, it was US and USSR combination.....recycled jokes :)

Radha said...

Well, movies are not the only thing you've been ignoring! The hospitals keeping you busy, eh?

Jas B said...

I had no idea what Avatar was like and I loved it!

Loved 3 idiots as well for the humor part, of course there were some "idiotic" scene as well!

Haven't watched Sherlock Holmes yet...don't know when I would be able too...

Manish Juneja said...

i liked the fact that 'H' says dat Chota Chetan had more 3 D effects than Avatar. Somehow i feel like agreeing. Though i say i havent watched Avatar