Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"My Name is Red" by Orhan Pamuk

This is the most beautifully written story I've ever read... its a classic.

Here's a love story; accounts of life in 16th century Istanbul; a murder mystery; intelligent discussions on the philosophy of art in an era when renaissance art was evolving in the west & its impact on eastern art; a novel narrative style.

There are way too many reasons to love this book. Its a treat to read.


Moi said...

i love that cover too!!!! :)

Parth said...

Read this a while back and enjoyed it, though I wondered how much was lost in translation.

Radha said...

Me too. Its 16th century miniature art from Istanbul.

There is always some part of it that gets lost in translation, I guess. But this one I thought did a good job of preserving the look & feel of Istanbul even in English.

Anonymous said...

Hi Radha,

I came across your blog during my blog-surfing.

I must say, it was time well-spent reading it!

Keep writing,

Radha said...

Well, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I had to read "My Name is Red" as a part of my Arabic Literature class a few years ago. Great read, and a great melee of many different genres all into one :-)


Radha said...

I agree...It is a great melee!
Interesting that this book was included in your Arabic literature class though...most Turks wouldn't like being categorised as Arabs; or Turkish being confused with Arabic :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Radha,

Yeah, you're absolutely right - even I was surprised at the fact that this book was included in our curriculum, despite it having such a strong Turkish influence/theme.

Are you an avid reader?


shakester said...

read this about a year and a half ago. some things made me get immersed in it, the istanbul-angle I completely loved, and some parts were riveting.
Somehow, though, by the end of it, I was a little lost. It let go of all the mystery elements it had- by being so convoluted by the end of it all, I did not really hold my breath for the revelation.

suramya said...

that seems to be a really interesting book, and it has romance and murder with a historical setting is just my kind of book, thank you for bringing to my notice. The covers got me all excited.

Radha said...

Yes, i love to read :)

I actually liked the way the murder mystery angle was treated. With even the murderer narrating parts of the story. I thought it was very cool.

Hi there!
Yes, you must read this one!