Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I love Hong Kong

I really do!!

Its crowded, unpretentious & fun! Its the perfect opposite of Singapore (there is no clean air; no broad roads; it doesn't like rules; and its not pretty to look at). But I thought the city is so spunky & spirited!

"Lan Kwai Fong" is the clubbing area of the city; there's this one street with bars & clubs on either side of it & is the heart of Hong Kong after 10 pm. The place is a riot...people were literally spilling out of the bars & dancing on the streets. And we saw all sorts of people there -- there was a good representation of every possible race -- also, there were freaks in blue wigs, there were the dancing merry-makers, the heavy drinkers, there were blondes with pink bunny ears-- it was a carnival !

I also found it amusing how there is a escalator running through the middle of the city; most people take the escalator from home to work (down the slope) & work to home (up the slope). Its supposed to be the longest escalator in the world & is always packed with people. And at every level of the escalator one can step out & find (again,) bars & restaurants around. SoHo I thought was the most fun destination for such mid-escalator evening drinks.


666 said...

Welcome back Queen Kong
From the carnival at Kwai Fong
Singing the cheering song
Of an escalator so very long

shakester said...

i loved Lan Kwai Fong! Its been years now since I went but I always hear about how rocking it is.

Radha said...

haha! What a rhyme; you're talented!! :D

Oh its great. Our Clarke Quay can never be that exciting :(

iamyuva said...

I was there recently. i enjoyed the visit. and ya escalator told to be longest in the world..

i was surprised but the cost of living thou.

Radha said...

As a matter of fact, I think Singapore is more expensive than HK. Real estate in HK is only marinally more expensive than S'pore these days.
Btw, when were you in HK?