Friday, April 04, 2008

Clean Desk Day

The Dilbert strip had been running this theme all last week about Carol's cluttered desk; and it inspired me to do something about the piles of loose papers on my desk.

So this morning I pulled out from the stationary cabinet 5 fresh new plastic folders to file away all papers. I spent some quality time setting a strategy for the filing, naming files, and putting markers & seperators in them. I even colour coded them (all pink separators have status reports, all green separators have pending issues and so on). I feel a sense of accomplishment. Setting up the organising strategy is half the battle won, isn't it?

Now all I need to do is go through those piles & put each paper in its right place. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow? Err, tomorrow after lunch? On second thoughts, maybe I'll give myself till end of next week?


Fighter Jet said...

Nice effort and strategy :))

Radha said...

Fighter Jet,
Moments of inspiration are so short-lived! :)

666 said...

ha ha .. I am horrible with my paperwork. According to me, when I am very busy having the papers scattered around expedites my work. And then when pressure eases, I become too lazy and hata sawaan ki ghata so never arrange them.

G-Man said...

I got a shelf at the office today but i don't feel like setting it up.

Now, wheres that intern!!

J said...

Lol @ the strip.

Next week.. sounds like a plan :P All the best.

kaya said...

Radha 2 seconds of your time. visit my blog now. Pls.

Radha said...

hahaha, thats true for me as well!

Hey there. Well, giving instructions to an intern is probably worse than filing by yourself :)

Thanks, can already feel my will power getting weaker though :)

Moi said...

haha!!!! remember the 5S from Toyota's lean philosophy??? they make the most sense and still are the hardest to follow!!! :)

Parth said...

What a coincidence. I cleaned mine too last week. Of course, the clutter has started to reappear :-(

Radha said...

Hey, hows the new job going? Wonder what your desk looks like :)

Freaky coincidence :)
Although I technically haven't cleared my desk yet :)

Moi said...

the new job's keeping me busy, Radha..super busy !!!! am commenting here while on my coffee break!!!!!! :)now that you have asked, probably i'll share what my desk looks of these days!!!! i so badly wanna start blogging all over again...this could be a way to start!!!! :)

Radha said...

Yes, I can see you've been busy! :)Hope you're enjoying your work!

Jayne said...

I had the unenviable task of sorting through all of grandmas things last week - what to keep/what to donate/what to throw away. I did it & then thought to myself: why stop there? I filed away 4mths worth of paperwork, cleared out some kitchen cupboards & am almost ready to tackle my wardrobe!

Radha said...

Hi there, how're you doing now?
And good job with all the cleaning & organising! :)