Friday, April 25, 2008

Mock Meat

I had never eaten mock meat before; I assumed it would be a bad imitation of the real thing (after all, how tasty could tofu get?)

But the other day we walked into a vegetarian Japanese restaurant (I know!! It sounded wierd to me too!). I tried some delicious mock-tuna sushi & mock-beef teriyaki. Having been so sure that tofu could never amount to anything significant in life; I was surprised by how that piece of tofu was made to look, smell & taste so good & so much like meat!

Its remarkable -- how the things we hold on to as "real" all our lives, turn out to be nothing but a perception created by our own senses! And I don't mean just food.


Sneha said...

Hey Radha,

Yep, I absolutely agree - the first time I tried it - I was amazed as well! I'm a non-veggie turned veggie since a good several years ago - so I can totally hear ya!

Jayne said...

I only eat chicken & fish & am always suspicious when it comes to eating 'strange' food, but I also enjoy tofu. Hubs makes a divine hot 'n sour soup & adds tofu, which strangely enough, tastes like seafood!

J said...

Quite a nice analogy.. Yep, it the perceptions, I call it the illusions we grow up with.

Radha said...

I dont know how you do it...turn vegetarian overnight!

Oh, tofu is quite big in this part of the world. Asian cuisine makes heavy use of tofu.

Its true, isn't it?

Sneha said...


Haha, it wasn't that hard actually :-)

Btw - since you're a book-lover - have you read Jhumpa Lahiri's latest collection of short stories called Unaccustomed Earth? Quite a good read, if you're interested!

Fighter Jet said...

True..many a time...its all about perception only.

J said...

Ms. Rads.. you are tagged.

Radha said...

No, I haven't read "Unaccustomed Earth" yet. Will pick it up soon. I loved "Interpreter of Maladies"; although "The Namesake" I thought was not as great as I expected it to be.

Fighter Jet,

Hmmm, thats a long one :)

Aathira said...


Was just reading through your posts and on reading this post, have such a bad craving for tofu now!