Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Old Song

I'm usually pretty bad at remembering songs & lyrics, but I feel quite thrilled when I think of an old favourite song & realise that I still remember it right till the last stanza :)

The summer breeze entered my window,
Like a free-spirited song whistled in my ears;
As it swirled & danced, it reminded me of a familiar tune,
Relegated, in a far corner of my memory,
but never completely removed from it,
It now ran forth to my lips; I hummed & it lingered,
The words I once knew so well, now re-surfaced;
one at a time; sometimes four or five;
As they rose, they dusted off the age on them,
And soon I remembered that old melody,
That familiar song from years ago.


Moi said...

girl, you are super-duper talented!!!! honest. this one's, simply put, BEAUTIFUL!!!! is this limited to the blog or have you ever thought of being a part of a poetry-club???? do you write haikus too??? if yes, will love to see some of yours .......:)

Padma said...

lovely words Radha. checked all your posts labelled thinking in versus. Wow! loved all of them! Homesick touched a nerve somewhere, probably cause i relate to it right now.

diyadear said...

hey radha.
came running here after reading ur comment on lotus page to tell u "same pinch, i'm konkani too :)"
Didn't know blogsville had so many of us here..

Radha said...

Thanks (blush, blush):)
My attempts are only restricted to the blog. I do have a small notebook at home in which I scribble on & off. But thats about it.

Thanks, glad you liked it. "Homesick" was written when we moved from Dubai to Singapore & now I'm not sure whether I was thinking about Mumbai then or Dubai. Or maybe it was both?

Really? :)

shakester said...

oye....no post for the beast of pride?

J said...

What song would this be??

Radha said...

Given that I know so little about cars, its better for me not to talk about the 'Beast of the Pride'. All I can write about it is that the car is a Porsche & its golden in colour :)

Did I mention that I usually have a really poor memory when it comes to songs?? :)

shakester said...

thats about all you need to say! :)
with a pic...