Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Maroon 5 Concert

Its concert season in Singapore; and we had spent most of our excitement over The Police & Santana concerts last month. But inspite of that, Maroon 5 was a lot of fun. Firstly, we had awesome seats (6th row from the stage; and I swear he was looking straight at us while singing!!); and secondly, the guys were great. Even H who had dismissed them earlier, was humming 'She will be loved' on our way back :)


666 said...

Thats cool. Never heard of Maroon 5before. Are they famous?

Radha said...

They're a new band; maybe you've heard "Makes Me Wonder" kept playing on Star World when they were advertising for the Grammys this year; this song was one of the nominees....dont know if they won, but its a great song.

Destitute Rebel said...

Looks like you had fun at the concert and good seats too, dying to go to a concet, any concert.

Radha said...

D Reb,
Are you in Dubai these days or back home?

kaya said...

My daughter loves them, and She will be loved, is one of my favourite.
Daughter says : OOOOOH U ARE SO LUCKY!!! He is sooooo cute. (God save us from tweenies).

J said...

Maroon 5.. hmmm they play good numbers. Don't they have any trance raves in s'pore??

Radha said...

I agree with her; tell her he looked even cuter up close !! :D

I guess "Faithless" was here some time back (before we got to Singapore); but then I'm not really into trance; so I wouldn't know even if there hv been more gigs. I mean, its good music to bob your head to; but there's very little I know abt that music besides that :)