Monday, March 03, 2008

Singapore's Food Courts

The food courts are such a big part of the Singaporean culture and there's always a food court around the corner, no matter what part of Singapore you're in.

The Newton Hawker Center is close to our home & its also our favourite. It's jovial, casual, weekend-ish ambience reminds me of the "chowpatty hawkers" of Mumbai. Of course, there's no chaat served here; but the pepper crab quite makes up for the lack :)

Some of the other food courts in Singapore, especially the ones in the busy business district, can make "no-frills" & "fast food" seem like silly under-statements.


kaya said...

OOh the crab sounds yummy! My tummy is rumbling now.
Shall I bring my pyala or my plate?

J said...

hahaha.. a striking resemblance, the difference being it's pubs here on this side.

~ a said...

how diff is it for vegeterians out there?

Radha said...

The crab is quite delicious :-)

lol :-)

Hmm, vegetarians have a tough time no matter what part of the world they go to, dont they? I hear Singapore is quite vegetarian-friendly; although I rarely see any great dishes on veggie menus :)