Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Whats happening in my life lately...

I have less than a year before I turn 30; and to tell you the truth, the thought is quite unnerving. So I decided to make a list of things to do before 30. I don't want to do any of those dare-devil things like bungee-jump or sky-dive (that sort of adrenalin rush is quite over-rated, I think). Neither have I ever wanted to kiss a French guy or get married to a stranger in Vegas (I'm simply not that spontaneous a person). Does anyone have any suggestions?

The other day someone at work said to me "I am flying to Mumbai next week. Do you know how far it is from Bombay?". haha!

I watched a show on "The History Channel" the other day which spoke about Nostardamus' prediction that the world will come to an end in 2012. If it is true, doesn't that change everything? All that we work for or worry about -- health, savings, career, kids, global warming, market crashes, oil prices-- they wouldn't matter anymore. Maybe I won't need to clean my desk after all.

Have you tried salted popcorn & ice-cream as a combo? It's quite a good dessert!


Prometheus said...

Mostly, one tends to cut the afterburners when they hit 30 and get into cruise control. Ergo, and since thou aren't into adrenalin rushes, Prometheus recommends you:
Plonk down a obscene sum into a long term, regular payout plan, with health cover.
That should take care of the kid's nappies, nappy rashes, schooling and sacraments.

Missed your move to Singapore. D'ya miss Dubai? How does Singapore rate vis-a-vis Dubai?

Radha said...

Hi !! Welcome back to life!
Well, Singapore happened around 10 mnths ago. Its a great city to live in; but I can't say I don't miss Dubai. How have you been?

And yes "Start a savings plan" has been a big fantasy for me for a long time! What a wild way to start 30 (not!)

Satyajit said...

steal toffees from small children after u finished punching em but before you hit 30. anyway as they say, sweets from strangers taste the best...hmmmmm

Radha said...

Why wouldn't I be able to do that after 30? Don't think that qualifies as "must do before 30". Not that it qualifies as "must do ever"! But thanks for the thoughtful suggestion :)

Sneha said...

travel to a place you've wanted to go to for years, maybe?

Radha said...

Travelling is always on my wishlist! I've wanted to visit China for a long time now!

shakester said...

nervy about getting to 30???! dont be you still have time to go, girl.

Moi said...

:) my gynae mom would tell you to procreate (at least once) before you hit the 30 mark!!!! :DDDD
I'd say continue to have as much fun as you are having or more :)

sorry abt being sloppy lately when it comes to commenting.......i realized i dont have it in me to keep up with 4 blogs so had to let go of On a slant....for now atleast.....:((((

Kishor Cariappa said...

30 is unnerving? Moi thinks all is in the mind...20s, 30s, 40s number games doesn't matter. Keep doing whatever you feel like doing, enjoy life.

Sneha said...


I hear ya buddy - travelling is an eternal to-do on my list as well! And speaking of China - I've been wanting to go there for what seems like forever!

Parth said...

"The other day someone at work said to me "I am flying to Mumbai next week. Do you know how far it is from Bombay?". haha!"

:-) For a lot of people, metaphorically, Bombay is far from Mumbai.

Radha said...

I know, but I need time to make the list & to do the things on my list! :-)

My mum is not a gynaec & she says the same thing too :-)
It's very much a "to do soon" item :-)

Thats true. After all, nothings really going to change with 30. Its not like I'm going to be "old"! 30 is the new 20.

We'll definitely plan a trip to China this year. Shd be fun!

Is it? Its just a silly name change. Dont think most bombay-ites ever gave it a second thought. Its only the people outside Bombay (who need to book flights or train tickets to Bombay) who get confused by this name-change-mess.

Satyajit said...

Radha said:
Why wouldn't I be able to do that after 30? Don't think that qualifies as "must do before 30". Not that it qualifies as "must do ever"! But thanks for the thoughtful suggestion :)

Going by this logic there isn't anything you cant do after 30 that you can before 30....except be 29.

Jayne said...

I remember being really depressed when I hit 30, which, looking back, was a total waste of energy! All I can say hon is be true to yourself, enjoy your life no matter the age & see as much of the world as you possibly can :-)

You could also ride a Harley & have sex on the beach of course......not that I'd know about things like that you understand.....LoL

Sneha said...

Maybe it'll be like one of those cheesy Hindi soap opera coincidences - and we'll both land up there at the same time... :-D

Fighter Jet said...

1.If not married get married.
2.Upgrade ur skill sets/Learn some new course.
3.Go on distant place..visti some place.
4.Learn new sports/music/instrumental.
5.Aim to join a Gym to get youselvs in proper shape and size!
the list is endles..
try withis only :)

Parth said...

Oh, I have met people who feel strongly about the names. To them, they represent two different cities.

suramya said...

hi, its a long time since I visited your blog, sorry was caught up with the things. You could join a fitness program if u haven't already done so. Its loads of fun. I wouldn't worry about nostradamus too much, according to him the entire new york city should be grazed to the earth by now. Of course the 9/11 is a lil too close for comfort.

Radha said...

Thats true. I guess "middle age starts at 30" is an old concept now.

Sex on the beach?? ReallY?? Couldn't have been Abu Dhabi :DD

Fighter Jet,
Those are the only decent suggestions I've got so far. thank you! :)
I think I'm going to start gymming regularly!

Hey, where have you been?
Yes, a fitness regime is already under way :)

suramya said...

was caught up with my MS applications.

Nilesh said...

Hey..got to your blog thru satya's. I had my share of jitters last year for a couple of days into 29. Trust me, 30 is pretty much 29. But if you do want to do something 20ish, do something you have always wanted to but have never found the courage to.
1. Tatto? Definitely 20ish. I so want to but cant find the courage to.
2. A trek up the himalayas in uttaranchal.
3. Learn a dance form. Lots of people wish they could dance.
4. Swim..thats again pretty high on i-wish-i-could list.

It has to be something liberating. Something that will make you feel, wow! I didn't think i could ever do this!

Again, you don't have to be in 20's to get going with any of the above. ;-) Good luck!

Radha said...

Hi. Those are very useful suggestions. I always hate to admit it, but I can't swim either!

iamyuva said...

less than a yr before 30-- in the same boat... iam not feeling that to be milestone yet. iam the same..stupid, funny, brilliant, idiot..as was a year before and not sure how much of that will change after sep'10. and iam not sure how others presumptions would change and how that will impact my daily life..

you can be spontaneous person-may be ignoring the french guy and vegas marriage part(which is no worry bythe way)). instead travel around, riding with strangers,...not sure how much time we have in challenging conversational wisdom.. day will come when we wouldnt do things which we like because others around us dont like it... let that day be far away from today.

Nostardamus- it was 2000 then 6/6/2006 and now.. 2012. iam happy take all your money if you feel thatz no use.1)

i did.. hot popcorn with cold icecream.. hot popcorn in coke, icecream in mulled wine..
me too..crazy enough..;))

Anonymous said...


I just came across your blog while surfing .... Must say your a very good writter...I saw your picture and you look very familiar...were you in symbi by any chance..way back in 2000.

Now coming to the question...My advise is travel!!!!!! Once you have kids atleast for some years you will not be able to do it as frequently as you would like to!!!!!