Thursday, May 15, 2008


My folks are visiting me this week & its a big occassion. They dont travel much because of dad's health; so its rare for them to visit me. Next week is going to have some quality home-cooked food, healthy dose of nostalgia, lots of hugging & long jogs down memory-lanes :)

I left home one day,
Meaning to go away.
A long distance later
I realised I’d never really been away.


Sneha said...

Radha - Beautiful verse!

Hope you have loads of fun with your folks :-)

suramya said...

Thats such a lovely verse :) enjoy your time with your parents. I understand how hard it is to leave them and go away.

Radha said...

Sneha & Suramya,
Thanks :)

J said...

Wow.. it's always exciting to meet the folks.

Have fun and get fully pampered :P

Jayne said...

Awwww........enjoy the precious time with your folks hon :-) I envy you, as I'll only get to see mine again in November *sigh*

Moi said...

thats so cool, Radha....have max. fun.....I have been begging mine to come visit moi....they seem to have given up on their older child :((((

Radha said...

Thanks J, will take your advice :)

I will. In the meanwhile, you have fun at your lovely beach holiday!

My older brother says the same thing...that the younger ones get all the attention :)

kaya said...

Enjoy the khaana peena, and hugs.

Khush raho puttar. Jeendo raho.

Radha said...

Thanks :)

666 said...

hhmm by the time i read this post they must have arrived and maybe left as well :-).. nevertheless hope u had a good time. The verse i recall is from some old post of yours.. a very good long poem