Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chinese Buddhist Art

Saw this huge painting on the tiled front wall of a Chinese monastery here & it caught my attention.

I don't know much about Buddhist philosophy, but this painting seems to depict some sort of a struggle for survival -- with the monks helping from one side; and demons attacking from the other; while men & women struggle in a sea-storm (of life, perhaps?)

Would love to know more about it --maybe it's a scene from an ancient mythological story; or from the religious texts, perhaps?

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Jon said...

I am reposting your iconolography on

Jon C.

Radha said...

Thanks Jon! Would be great if anybody can tell me more abt it !

666 said...

interesting.. such an elaborate painting on a wall! my there is abslutely no margin for error while painting on a wall i guess..

Radha said...

Yes, it was very interesting, very detailed & very beautiful.

Moi said...

beautiful mural........and i love the angle sat which you have taken them!!!!! :)