Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indy & the insipid crystal skull story

I used to love the Indiana Jones series back in my school days (that era when VCRs were used & we used to rent cassettes of Hollywood movies on family-weekends), & I associated the movies with good old adventure-hero machoism, bit of comedy or romance, and an implausible but entertaining plot.

Which is why I was so disappointed that Speilberg decided to make the new Indiana Jones movie all about special effects (did he conceptualise the movie in front of the computer?).

It did make me wonder though -- was the movie poorly made; or is it just me getting older? I'm renting "Raiders of the Lost Ark" this weekend & watching it again just to be sure.


Lotus Reads said...

OK, a confession...I haven't seen any of the Indiana Jones movies nor have I been tempted to. Have to admit it makes me a feel a little bit of a freak because everyone I know is rushing to see this new one.

Parth said...

I remember feeling disgusted with Spielberg for his depiction of Indians in the Temple of Doom. It was ridiculous. My expectations aren't too high from this one: its a masala movie and I'll catch it on DVD most likely.

Radha said...

Hi there. Indiana Jones was the "Harry Potter" of my school times I guess. Ah well, it ain't a classic by any standards; so dont feel bad abt missing it :)

I remember loving the movies as a kid back in the 80s (or was it 90s?)...not sure how I would like the movie now though. I must admit I barely remember the plotline now; just remember some vague scene I was taken in by :o)

Sneha said...

You're like the Nth person who's telling me about what a dissappointment this movie was. Now I have to watch it, just to see how bad it really is!!

Radha said...

Well, my philosophy in life is that every movie is worth one watch :)

Charan Deep Singh said...

I would be watching it this weekend.... atleast u gave some cue :-)

J said...

Sadly.. I haven't watched any of the Indiana Jones series... but was eager to watch this but.

Having read your review, I think i'll wait for some more feedback before I decide.

Sneha said...

Radha -

Every movie is worth a watch - agreed :-)

Hey, btw - since you're a big travel buff - can you suggest what else can be done, along with Singapore, in a week?

The travel bug's bit me - and I'm trying to figure out how much of Southeast Asia can be covered in 7 days.. :-D

Much appreciated!

Aathira said...

I so agree with you, I started watching it on the laptop, and then was so disheartened by the whole extra bit of action going about, i just turned it off.

I miss Temple of Doom days!

suramya said...

I have never seen an Indian Jones movie nor was I tempted to see this one. But I understand your chagrin :)

kaya said...

I loved all the Indy Jones movies.
I havent had a chance to see the new one, because kids r having their final exams, and HOW OULD IT LOOK if their MOMMA went off to see a flick.
From the reviews, it doesnt seem to be doing very well for the ones with Indy history, but prob the newbies will find it great.
My kids are too young to know Indy, being more of the HP era.
Mind you I love all the HP movies!!

Radha said...

Charan Deep & J,
There are a lot of ppl who did enjoy it though!

Wasn't it an overkill on the computer-effects??

I quite enjoyed the older ones. And you cant watch the latest one without having seen the older ones; else you wont "get" the jokes or the characters in the new one.

Hey, good luck to the girls for their exams.
I like the Potter movies too; although I wouldn't know them by heart scene-by-scene; the way kids today know the Potter movies :)

Radha said...

Asia in 7 days?? :o))
Umm, I would recommend the French Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand) if you've got only 7 days. There's so much beauty there...both natural & man-made.

Sneha said...

I know - Southeast Asia in 7 days sounds like a joke.. :-))

Many thanks for your recommendations!

666 said...

u have conclusively proven that its just the kind of movie i would like! lets see if i can catch it

Moi said...

not my kinds!!!! :DDD
i think i can do without an aging Harrison Ford (he's no sean connery, after all who only gets better with age!) and without a Spielberg who seems to have lost his touch lately!!!

iamyuva said...

perhaps thatz in the city is making more gross.
but it rated 3.5 to 4(/5) stars among many reviews.!!

iamyuva said...

actually iam more disappointment that hollywood is all about serials and animations.!
good old stories are far and few.;(

Radha said...

Umm, er, I said I did NOT like the movie. Did you read the post?

Well, I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch it; if he/she hasnt been a fan of the older movies first.

I've liked some of the Hollywood special-effects extravaganzas (Lord of the Rings, for instance). But this one didn't work for me.