Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yesterday, we took a day trip to Cambridge. The weather was awful; but the place was beautiful beyond words! Cambridge is a college-town with 31 colleges...the most breathtaking is the Kings College & its cathedral: The 'Trinity College' is the most coveted and richest college in Cambridge. Prince Charles studied here in the 1970s. As the legend goes, he wanted to have as normal a student life as possible; so there was only one body guard around him who shadowed him around through out his college life. In the end the body guard decided to take exams as well and it so happened that he fared better than the Prince himself :) The best part about Cambridge were the quaint bridges across the River Cam. We went punting along the river and I havent felt so relaxed & peaceful in a long time.


suramya said...

the pictures are lovely radha, england seems to be so beutiful seeing it through ur eyes :)

Kanishka Agiwal said...

Looks like you are having quite a holiday there!! Enjoy and keep posting these snaps. They look beautiful.

Moi said...

beautiful......from NY to London...u are having a whale of a time..m glad for u......have fun and come back and tell us all...:)

mookuthi said...

Radha, if u get a chance see oxford too. i liked both cambridge and oxford equally:)
enjoy the rest of your holiday!!!

Lotus Reads said...

Lovely pictures, Radha, also loved the tidbit about Prince Charles' bodyguard! :)

Radha said...

Thanks :)

Well it is!! :)


Well unfortunately theres only so much one can do in so many days!! :(

There were so many of those tidbits...maybe that deserves another post :)

Hollydolly said...

Loved the post, Cambridge is my hometown, so it was really nice to read your words. Thank You....