Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wall Street

The other day we were walking down Wall Street and apart from a couple of banker-types, the street was filled with a multitude of tourists clicking away at the NYSE building. Isn't it incredible that a single ordinary looking street (and it really is such a narrow ordinary street)with nothing but office spaces & banks should become such a huge tourist attraction and a symbol of American prosperity?


Moi said...

tourists will lap up anything .....i remember how I go crazy shooting even road signs when i'm visiting a place...Drives my husband crazy but thats the whole fun of carrying memories back i guess....
how is the trip coming along ??? :)

suramya said...

I guess its all the money they are making :):), most people find that fascinating, but for me the name wall street itself has just a lot of charm, I am ready to click photos only to remember that

Radha said...

But you do come up with such amazing pictures! :) The trip is coming along really well. We actually are meeting up with some friends after 13 years!! :)

Well in all honestly, I clicked that photo too!! :)